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Immortalis verse thingy. Placeholder

The Host. The Fallen. And those trapped between.
Before Man's creation, God and His Host lived in perfection, harmony in Heaven. But then came the Fall, when Sammael, the bright MorningStar, was hurled from Heaven for the sin of Pride by his brother, the Archangel Michael.

With Lucifer fell those angels loyal to his cause, and all were cast from Heaven by God's word and damned to eternal separation from that divine paradise. Since, Man has walked the earth, but so too have the great adversaries, ever at war for the souls of God's mortal children. There are those bound to the earth who are aware of this great struggle and have been caught up in the whirlwind of an eons-old stalemate, some giving oaths to either side while others merely try to survive amidst the chaos.

Angels and Demons. Heaven and Hell. Both sides waging eternal battle, trying desperately to tip the scales in either favor. For the Time of Judgment is coming, the Apocalypse is dawning, and soon will come the climactic day when all is decided, when Michael and Sammael will again face each other for the final time, Creation itself riding upon their shoulders.

Of Heaven Of Hell Of Earth
Michael | judgmentdivine
Ithuriel | brings_to_light
Harahel | booksn_things
Castiel | angel_ofthe
Alexiel | sheof_fourwings
Ariel | flutterandmend
Puriel | animaiudice
Remiel | awaken_angel

Sammael | firstamong
Mephistopheles | willwork4souls
Morrigan | agentof_chaos
Rigby | onelustfuldream
Lucifer | whoisfree
Murmur | theholydark
Asmodeus | rigidodeo

Lucan | velvetgloved
Castiel | psalm22_1
Sitara Morgan | seeing_within
Sam Winchester | psychic_boy_sam
John Constantine | hellboundsoul
Gabriel a.k.a. Trickster | painhumbles
Buffy Summers | slays_in_heels
Dr. Gregory House | house_onthehill

*Immortalis verse is open to anyone and everyone, even multiples of the same character. If you'd like to be added, please drop a comment here and we'll add your character and their journal, be sure to tell us what category they fall into. If you do decide to join the verse and want to link back, feel free to use this post as the verse info post. Thanks!

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